Brigitte Boulay

Artist. Author. Poet.
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You don't become an artist, you're born an artist!​

Brigitte is a visual artist and published author/poet. Brigitte's life was infused with art for as long as she can remember. Her professional training was taken at the University of Pennsylvania, Algonquin Collage, Ottawa School of Art and private lessons from Jack Neilson of Almonte, ON for 1 year.

Her natural ability to bring her writings and visual art to life was nurtured, influenced and inspired by her family. Her Great-Grandfather was a master violinist and conductor for the New York Symphony Orchestra as well as a trailblazer in the recording of traditional Quebecois jigs which can be found at the National Archives of Canada, her Grandfather was a big band lead saxophone player and visual artist, and her Father who was a part-time musician and artist. Her Mother was an incredible self taught artist who had a huge impact on her; she nurtured Brigitte's natural artistic talents.

Her creations can be found in various art galleries, cafe's, bistros and art shows. Brigitte accepts commission pieces and it is an absolute pleasure for her to create something personal.

All paintings are created with and include the following:


  • Created on gallery pine board

  • High quality paints

  • Preserved with archival varnish

  • Signature on the back

  • Certificate of Authenticity

She is a published poet, author and co-author. "We Live in the Shadows" is a compilation of personal stories of those who live on the streets. It was published in Ottawa, ON. Brigitte also co-authored "Ruby Red Shoes", a book about female empowerment, "Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology", an anthology of the writings of various authors as well as "Love and Catastrophe - Poetre".

Brigitte's hand made stationery became a successful business for 13 years. Brigitte’s stationery displayed an innate musical appreciation of big bands and orchestras and the glamour from the Hollywood glory days.  It was an honor to have been chosen to design stationery for Sophie Gregoire (wife of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada), The Archbishop of Canada, President and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University, Vice President Canada at Rio Tinto, President of NSERC, President of Revlon to name a few. 

Of all the accolades and nominations Brigitte has received for her work, her most prestigious and heart centered of all is the Eagle Feather that she received for her work in helping our homeless. 
*The Great Golden Eagle feather was picked up by a feather carrier in the Huron (Iroquois) nation of Quebec, Canada.

Winner - Book of the Year - Ottawa FACES Awards - 2021 
Nominated for the Ottawa Wedding Awards: 2018 & 2019
Nominated for the Ottawa FACES Awards: 2018 & 2019
Government of Canada Merit Award: 2008

Government of Canada Merit Award: 2000

10% of all sales goes directly to help our homeless and those living in poverty in Ottawa, ON!

Brigitte’s heart is very close to those living on the streets. She was the President & founding member of Shadow Ottawa. Shadow provided assistance to our homeless and those living in poverty in Ottawa, ON.